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Project First Document: "Cover"

Ask, understand before you plan

What is a "Cover" ?

It is the document where we write down:

  • General References

  • Framework

  • Goals

  • Specifications

  • Risks

Why is so important to write down a "cover"

Because it forces us to think about the  

motives, goals, and obstacles before we start a project.


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Image by Austin Distel


Then, every person that arrives at the project can be aligned without distortions.

" The power of Organization relies on participation "

When everyone in a project push in the same directions, incredible results can be achieved


Festival of Color

It is so easy, that people think it is not so important . . .  but is essential

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Download the file


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The cover is a master document for every project that should be done before other documents.

Remember that the information on the COVER will be seen by many people. Even when they have a Confidentiality disclosure document, you should avoid publishing confidence information. In case of deeper details are needed, then you can make more "COVERS" adding the level of confidentiality at the "code" space.

Every person involved in the project should read the cover, so she/he can know how and why to align her/his motives. If she/he can´t do that, then she/he should not become part of the project/company.

The next document should be the "program" or business description.

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